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R K Homes - PG For Girls Near North Campus Delhi University 

RK Homes is one of the prime PG accommodation providers for girls in Vijay Nagar. Our provided PG accommodation stand apart from other PG’s in terms of High Standard of Living, Lodging, and Fooding. Our listed Vijay Nagar PG for girls is class apart. Spacious PG’s and serene ambiance for comfortable living. Within our Brand Name RK home, we are entrusted by the number of tenants. PG’s we offer are highly affordable and comes in budgetary plan when it comes to staying happily without worrying too much about the rents. RK Homes is the one which is making a name in the industry of PG accommodation for Girls by lending out the best services of housing facility to student and office going girls.

Why RK Homes for PG Accommodation for Girls?

Here at RK homes, we understand that for a girl new to the city it gets tough for them to explore the best PG. But at RK homes you will find your stay very much comfortable and relaxing. We give out rooms to students, job going girls, or any other girls who want to stay in Vijay Nagar at cost effective prices. Select RK Homes because we provide

Cost Effective Rental PG

Quality Food for Tenants

Best amenities to the tenants

Safe and Secure Premises.

Well maintained PG Rooms

Professional PG employees

24 * 7 Energy Supplies.

Internet  Facilities.

RK Homes – Trusted by Tenants

Either you are a student or office going girl, RK homes is a perfect place for your comfy stay. Our tenants brand us that our PG Accommodation is better than any other in Vijay Nagar. The employees we have in our pg near Delhi University North campus is mostly opted by students. Parents while exploring PG’s in Vijay Nagar for their girl land on to our PG Accommodation and select us for their daughters or relatives staying. The premises is very secure and safe for girl tenants. You will always hear good words about us from ex-tenants and from those currently living there.

Top Notch Staffs – RK Homes

The staffs we have at the PG premises are courteous and completely professional. They are well trained and polite to tenants while taking care of day to day needs like cleaning, dusting, and washing. Our pg accommodation near Delhi University north campus serves the best food to the tenants. The cooking staff we have at RK homes are very professional. Our cook is highly trained and prepares delicious food for tenants. Our staffs are ready for feedback and make corrections if any tenants suggest. The very joyful environment is always maintained at RK Homes PG accommodation.

Tenant Experiences

The tenant who stayed at RK Homes and left after a while for some reasons like a job change, or relocations. Once they get back in the city they get in touch with us for the next phase of Staying. So much of trust we have grown between our tenants. We always receive five-star Rating for our services from the tenant staying at RK Homes. We are triumph in PG accommodation with Quality Space of Living, Delicious Foods for eating, Serene Environment for Tenants, better amenities than other, polite Staffs and not to miss out our well-mannered tenants.