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RK Home Services for congenial Living.

PG accommodation is categorized as Good, based on the services they are offering. Number of services at the cost-effective range given us the chance to fall into the category. Our PG for girls in Vijay Nagar Delhi is known for immense services and pleasant living we offer. RK Homes is equipped with top-notch services and modern amenities you can get in a PG making us the best girls PG in Vijay Nagar. Peaceful Ambience and Secure premises make us the best pg in Vijay Nagar Delhi. Gradually before finalizing the deal with us, you want to check our services. Live the most comfortable PG live at RK Homes.

RK Homes Features

•    Fully Air Conditioned Rooms to shield you from Scorching Delhi Heats.

•    Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity to keep you connected to the WWW.

•    Clean and Nutritious Meals to keep you active and healthy and keep your mind sharp.

•    Proper Lighting (LED’s) in Rooms for long time studies without harming your eyes.

•    Television (LED) to keep yourself entertain and distance away from boredom.

•    Furnished Rooms with Table, Chair, Bedding, and Racks to keep your stuff.

•    Properly Ventilated rooms for clean air and soothing room temperature.

RK Homes Facilities

Wi-Fi Access

We give our tenant Internet Connectivity so that they can get help for their studies via the internet and get themselves connected to the world. Proper Internet plans to give you high-speed connectivity

R.O Drinking Water

Clean and pure water is what keeps you free from water-borne disease. Regularly maintained RO for tenants.

Four-Time Meal

RK Homes serves the best food for tenants. Our cooks prepared delicious and highly nutritious foods to keep you healthy and running.

Laundry Service

Tenants those who don’t want to clean their clothing themselves can opt for Laundry service we provide in our PG accommodation.

Ac Accommodation

Based on your choice you can have AC accommodation. As RK Homes provide AC accommodation at proper pricing.

Geyser Facility

Delhi’s Winter Season is known for chilling temperature. RK homes are equipped with Geyser Facility to give you relaxed bathing,

Parking Facility

If you have your own transport then you don’t have to worry about its parking too. Because RK Homes provide Parking Facility to its tenants.

24 Hour Security

Being the best girls pg in Vijay Nagar we have maintained 24 Hour Security methods which will make you feel safe and sound.

House Keeping

We have courteous housekeeping staffs which keep your PG accommodation clean. From Washroom cleanness’ to Room cleanness all are done by our House Keeping staffs.


Eat your food warm at whatever time you prefer. We have a microwave in our PG accommodation for the use of tenants.

Study Area

Peaceful and quiet study is for aspiring students to keep their grades high and learning to paramount.


Kill your boredom with High Definition TV at your PG accommodation. Entertain yourself with matches, movies with your mates.


The various sessions we offer to our premium members who have Premium Membership of 


  • Meditative Benefits
  • Counseling
  • Art of living sessions
  • Writing skills to have edge over others.
  • Brain Gym


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