Pick the Best Brokerage Free Rooms from These Top Rated 7 PG Apps

The world is advancing with its up-to-date technology and innovations that are turning everything transparent and hassle-free. Today, there are plenty of websites and applications on the internet providing assistance about the flats, apartment or a PG but finding the appropriate one is a task.

We understand your concern of roaming places to places in search of a PG and hence we have come up with high customer rated PG Apps that is a suitable fit for you. These applications will help you with the listings of independent shared/single rooms at multiple locations with good amenities and features. Moreover, they provide you the flats without any brokerage or hidden costs as you deserve the best.

1. Nestaway: This application comes as an advertisement in our newspapers and television and hence it definitely needs no introduction. It just works without any menace and could search for flats in 15+ major cities all across India. It helps you with a filter option where you can choose your preferences – 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK or Unfurnished/Fully Furnished. You can directly contact the landlord for inquiries or information.

Why should you install Nestaway?

• This application helps you to connect to a lot of listed landlords all over the country.
• Assistance is provided 24*7 through a chat-box or you can contact the website for help.
• The page includes real images of the flat listed.

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2. Commonfloor: CommonFloor app is another name for choosing the properties with ease. It guarantees 100% verified listings. If you are looking in Delhi, a superb deal is waiting for you. Commonfloor offers special discounts and value-added offers in PG Accommodation in Vijay Nagar North Delhi.

Why should you install Commonfloor?

• Nearly 0% chance of fraud as the listings provided are genuine.
• Sharing facility available so that you can share it with your friends/family.

3. Nobroker: Our next application helps you with finding a Flat in your preferred location. Nobroker is currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon.

Why should you install Nobroker?

• Select your ideal flatmate by filters - Male/Female or Student/Working, etc.
• Ensures the safety and privacy of its clients.

4. Flatchat: Flatchat helps in finding the floor and rooms in desired locations. It is user-friendly and lets you connect with the land-owner within minutes. It is available in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Why should you install Flatchat?

• An attractive user interface.
• A convenient chat option available for listing.

5. 99Acres: 99 Acres has been an old survivor in this industry covering major cities across India. Like any other application, it helps in providing several options with the map facility so you can personally go and check the flat for satisfaction. If you are a girl and worrying about your safety, they also provide you with the listings of PG accommodation for girls in Vijay Nagar Delhi to sort from.

Why you should install 99acres?

• Direct message facility to land-owners through the app.
• Helps in viewing the complete details – size, amenities, nearby locations, etc.

6. Colive: It is designed for PG service only in India. This app offers comfortable PGs at suitable rates. It is techno-active and assists you fully in managing your food, stay, internet, cleaning request via the app.

Why should you choose Colive?

• You can pre-approve visitors through this app.
• It covers major IT cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Vellore.

7. Homigo Hives: The most premium application which provides the fully furnished flats or rooms is at your service now. The furnishing rate includes the laundry, mattresses, and home décor at a reasonable price.

Why you should install Homigo Hives?

• Although it is available in Bangalore only, there are more than a thousand listings in the same city.
• It offers a vibrant community to the clients.

These were some supreme and top-rated options that we want our customers to choose from. Your safety is in our hand and hence, Girls PG Accommodation in Vijay Nagar guarantees you comfortable single/twin/shared rooms as per your preferences.  You can even reach us for further assistance by clicking on contact us page. We are happy to help you anytime, anywhere!