Which one is Better PG or Hostel?

In cities like Delhi, a lot of young aspirants come here for study and job purposes. Each and every year the number of students increases, and bring a lot of businesses for Hostels and PG accommodation providers. Most of the students who are new to the city look out for accommodation near their colleges and those who belong to the working class look for nearby accommodation to their offices and organization. If you are one such student looking out for PG Accommodation in Vijay Nagar North Delhi then we are the one which is highly recommended. Since every aspirant themselves in a dilemma whether to opt for Hostel or PG accommodation. Today we are listing some of the differences between PG Accommodation and Hostels so that you can easily select without any confusions. So let’s look at major differences between PG Accommodation and Hostel.

Rules and Regulations

Living in Hostel burden you with the number of Rules and Regulations whereas living in PG have limited number of Rules. Most of the Hostels in Delhi region has strict timing. Many of the time hostel gates closed after 10 or even before that. But living in pg accommodation in Vijay Nagar Delhi don’t force such restriction. Tenants living in PG accommodation are mature enough to understand that night roaming is something which must be avoided in Delhi.

Standard Of Living

In Hostels, though they charge the amount yearly but the standard of living they provide is not as much satisfactory as you will find in PG Accommodations in Delhi. If you are staying in Hostel then you will have a common washroom for the whole floor whereas in PG accommodation you can have separate washrooms based on your selections. In Hostels, you have to share a room with two or more but in PG accommodation you have the choice of having a single room in your possession.

Food Quality

Food which drools everyone whether you are a college going student or you belong to working profile. Food in Hostels is not much appreciated as they have to prepare the food in large stock for a complete hostel. Whereas pg accommodation in Vijay Nagar Delhi has to prepare food only for tenants. In hostels, you have to go through a complete chain of a process to talk about food, but then also you may find no results. But in PG accommodations it's easy to talk to the owner of PG and discuss food quality with them. And the changes can be seen very quickly.

Wrapping Up

Both Hostel and PG accommodation give you a place to live but they both have very different scenarios of living. Our above mentioned will help you understand it and guide you to make the right decisions. Girls who are looking for PG accommodation can contact us as we are providing girls pg accommodation in Vijay Nagar Delhi at cost effective prices with safe premises.