Why is PG Accommodation Better than having Flats for Students?

Students those who are staying away from their home because of their educations look for a different form of accommodation. Today we will discuss which is better for Student PG Accommodation or Flats. Since we are providing pg accommodation in North Delhi we understand how important it gets to look for the economical option. But many get confused between options of PG Accommodation or Rented Flats. Let us make thing easy for you by suggesting some of the key difference between PG accommodation and Renting Flats.

Rental fee

If you are in Delhi then you must know that renting flats in Delhi cost you lots of money but PG Accommodation in North Delhi can be selected at economic rents. Rental Fee of PG’s is one the plus point to select PG accommodation over Flats. Accommodation for Girls in Vijay Nagar Delhi also comes in cost effective prices rather than flats.

Room Facilities

Flats come in three options Fully Furnished, Non-furnished and semi-furnished whereas PG accommodation comes with one option which is Fully Furnished. It means when you shift to a Flat either you have to pay a whole lot of money for fully furnished flats or you have to buy stuff for non-furnished flats. But if you move into PG accommodation you don’t need to purchase things. PG accommodation provides a complete set of comfortable living items. Even some PG accommodation provides Internet Facilities.

Food Services

The biggest benefit of staying in PG is cooked food whereas in Renting Flat you have to take extra burden of cooking food by yourself or hire a cook for the same. PG accommodation mostly serves food to its tenants but no such facility can be availed in Flats.

Bill Payments

No students want to pay bills and take the note of it. But if you are a student and thinking about renting flat think once more because opting a Flat means you need to take care of bills like Electricity bills, Water Bills, Maintenance bill, internet Bills, etc. While choosing PG accommodation for your stay you need not worry about paying bills because all amount is accumulated in your Monthly Rents which is fixed.


Though PG accommodation has only one limitation which is sharing your room with strangers. In PG accommodation you may have to live with strangers whereas student mostly shares flats between their friends. But once you stay for a while in PG accommodation the stranger in your room can also become one of your good friends. Who knows?

PG accommodation or Renting a Flat, choice is all yours but always keep above point in mind while considering any of those. Girls student who is also confused about the selection can opt for our views and get in touch with us as we are top-notch provider of girl pg accommodation in Vijay Nagar.